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Comprehensive Water System Inspection Estimate

Call 928-237-4372 to schedule your inspection today. 

What can you expect during a comprehensive water system call?

We're proud to provide a full inspection of your home's water system including a review of multiple points of access throughout your home's plumbing, an on-site water quality test, and a custom filtration plan build to your specific needs. 

How much does a comprehensive water system call cost? 

Our service fee for the full inspection and travel to your site is $50.

What are the benefits of a custom-built water filtration system? 

Interested in pursuing a water filtration system built for your home? Our team has decades of experience installing systems that are made to last. A few benefits of a custom system include: 

  • Protection for dangerous contaminants like arsenic, lead, and more

  • Better tasting water

  • Increased longevity of household appliances

  • Tailored to your distinct needs at a cost not much more than generic units bought online

*The cost of a custom-built water filtration system is not included in the inspection fee and would be determined by results of your inspection.

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