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Which Water System is Best for You?

You know you want cleaner water for your household. You’re tired of drinking from your filtered water pitcher and not sure it’s actually doing anything or carrying gallon jugs of water home from the store. You want to filter your water but are not sure what system is best for you and your needs. That probably means you are at a crossroads between a reverse osmosis system or going with whole-home filtration.

Each system essentially serves the same purpose: to purify and remove contaminants from your home's water at separate access points. Because we create custom water systems, we ensure that whatever we install for you will be specifically targeted to Prescott and Arizona’s contaminants. Read on to decide which system is best for you.

Reverse Osmosis: healthier cooking and drinking water.

A reverse osmosis system works at the point of use (typically under your kitchen sink) to provide fresh, bottled quality water. So, how does it work?

A ROS is the same filtration used when making bottled water and was actually first designed to desalinate seawater. It filters up to 99% of all contaminants that are in the water, including nitrate, arsenic, chromium, fluoride, radon, and other contaminants that whole-house filters cannot remove. This would leave you with the purest quality water possible, straight from your faucet.

To really break it down for you: the process pushes water through a prefilter to remove sediment and chlorine, then through a semipermeable membrane, and finally through a postfilter for a final clean. This entire process takes your water through several steps of filtration, delivering high-quality water free of contaminants, odors, and bad taste. The main benefit is to provide you with clean water from a specific source.

The size of your reverse osmosis system will also depend on the number of stages the system consists of. Alcorn Pump will handle the entire process from beginning to end - testing your water, measuring your space, and installing your system. We are here to help you determine what’s best for you. A reverse osmosis system is the most convenient and effective method of water filtration.

Whole home: cleaner water overall.

A whole house system works differently than a Reverse Osmosis system because it filters water for the entire home. It works at the main water line and filters out contaminants for your home's entire water supply, including showers, laundry appliances, faucets, and dishwashers. Any part of your home that uses water will benefit from a whole-home filtration system.

A whole home water filtration system can remove chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, sediment, bad taste, odors, dangerous disinfectants, fecal matter, and volatile organic compounds.

Whole-home filtration systems are created to target different contaminants, so if you have specific water problems, we would create a whole-house system dedicated to treating those problems for you. For example, if you have orange or brown staining, this indicates excess iron in your water. A reverse osmosis system could treat an iron staining issue only at the point of use where it is installed, whereas a whole home system would protect pipes and appliances to reduce the orange staining everywhere.

Some of the benefits of a whole-house water filter include better-tasting water, healthier shower water, can extend the life of your water-using appliances, and reduce plumbing repair costs.

Below are some of the differences between Whole Home Water Filtration and Reverse Osmosis Systems to get you thinking about what is best for your home. 👇

We install the best and highest quality of both systems designed for longevity, and we pride ourselves in providing products at a price point that won't break the bank and save you more money over time.

Now that you’re better informed, do you know which system is right for you?

Before deciding which system is best, you should consider and consult the experts on what contaminants you are facing in your home and which system would best target what you’re dealing with. From there, you need to determine what your water needs are. A reverse osmosis system is probably best for you if you're looking for healthier drinking and cooking water. But if you want to tackle water contaminants at the source, take advantage of the increased health benefits of whole-house water filtration.

Before you decide, we recommend testing your water to determine which specific contaminants need to be filtered out. And if you're still unsure of which system will suit your home the most, contact our team!

How to contact us:

Alcorn Pump & Water Filtration prides itself on being leaders in water pump and filtration. We have you covered for all your water treatment needs. If you have questions or would like more information, please give us a call or chat with us online.

Prescott, Arizona: 928-237-4372

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