Water Testing

Ensuring safe water for your family

When to have your water tested?

How do I know if I need to get my water tested?

1. It is recommended that you test your water on a yearly basis, but

you can not always smell, see or taste contaminants in water. 

2. If your water has an odor or change in color and or taste.

3. If your neighbor reports that their well has been contaminated.

4. If you recently moved into a new home on a well.

5. If someone in your home becomes sick from drinking water. 

How does water get contaminated?

According to the EPA sources of contamination of well water can come from:

1. septic tanks

2. petroleum tanks

3. livestock

4. manure stacks

5. flooded wells (if you're well floods you should avoid drinking water from it until it can be tested for any contaminants)


What happens if I drink contaminated water?

Drinking contaminated water can cause skin irritations, it can cause you to become ill and may effect pregnant and nursing mothers. It can effect your health from even one drink.

Is well water testing required? How do I get it tested?

If you are purchasing a home with a private well, some lenders and the department of health may require a well inspection and water test. The Department of Health recommends annual inspection of your water. Homeowners are responsible to test their water themselves. You can do this by dropping a water sample off to a confirmed drop site or taking the sample to a water quality lab yourself. Alcorn Pump will test your water for iron PH and hardness at no cost to you.  For a complete water analysis, we are happy to receive your water sample and submit it for you.

Does my well need to be cleaned?

Well sanitation is advised to help keep your well clean and water safe for your entire family.  Alcorn Pump offers an annual maintenance plan to well owners so you can leave the worry to us. Our annual maintenance plan includes well sanitation and water testing. 

Is it expensive to have my well water tested?

Alcorn Pump & Water Filtration will test for iron and Ph at no cost to you. To have a full water analysis done on your water, we will need to submit that to a regional water quality lab and the cost to test for Nitrates, Bacteria and Arsenic, which are the recommended minimum test each year, is about $90. If there is additional testing that needs to be done, the costs will range from $20-40 per test. 

What if I'm not sure? Who can I contact for more information?

If in doubt, it's always better to have your water tested. Give us a call today or you can contact your local department of health. The Washington Department of Health has this additional, helpful information for Owners of Private Wells.

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