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Custom Water Systems vs. Generic

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

How clean is the glass of water you drink from your tap?

Every year, millions of people in the United States get tap water from a public community water system. Much of our nation's water infrastructure was built in the 1970s and 80s, which means the average US water network pipe is about 45 years old. The drinking water supplied to our homes could come from an outdated system treated with potentially harmful chemicals.

For the City of Prescott, ground water is the sole source of potable water. The City produces water from eight production wells from the Prescott AMA (Active Management Area) and Airport area. Depending on where your water is sourced, you could be using water treated through a mass water treatment facility. This water could be treated with chlorine, contain harmful contaminants, or be entirely untreated. Safe drinking water is essential for good health.

A whole-home water filtration investment has many benefits that will change your life.

Why let Alcorn build a custom water system for you?

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Tap water across the country differs, so why should all water filters be built the same? One-size-fits-all filters bought online or from major retailers are not designed to remove contaminants specific to the drinking water in your area. These filters are not as effective at removing contaminants because they are designed to improve the taste of drinking water. A pitcher or tap filter won’t address individual pollutants in your zip code. Our business will not install a generic system for our customers.

We Look At The Issues That Impact Your Specific Water Quality

Factors like the age of your home and region’s infrastructure and your water source's proximity to industrial sites, farms, and military bases can impact water quality. Cities with older infrastructure sometimes deal with lead contamination issues, while newer developments may be lead-free but record unsafe concentrations of arsenic, which is very common in our area.

We are Experts

We are experienced and well known in the region for our hard work, excellent customer service, and attention to detail. As Certified O3 Master Electricians and Plumbers, you can trust that our team of experts is dedicated to solving water quality issues and creating personalized water filter systems. Our goal is to provide your family with safe drinking water from any faucet in the house, not just the one in the kitchen. Each water sample is analyzed against millions of water quality measurements from the local, county, state, and federal databases. Based on our studies, we select filtration elements that fix the exact problem found in your water and then build a customized filtration system optimized explicitly for the issues with YOUR water.

We install the highest quality products and pride ourselves in providing products at a price point that won't break the bank and will save you more money over time. Others who offer a generic water system with a lower price up-front won’t tell you that often, those parts cannot be fixed. Some of these systems are very hard to maintain, making the actual cost burn a bigger hole in your pocket. We install filtration for our customers with longevity, reliability, and easy repairs.

We install both whole home and reverse water osmosis systems. Based on your wants and needs, what works for you and your family may not look like what works for your neighbor.

Here are some differences between Whole Home Water Filtration and Reverse Osmosis Systems to help you determine what is best for your home.

What should you do?

Now that you know the value of investing in your home water system, contact us to discuss options for Whole-Home or Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration installation, repair, and upgrades. We also install water softeners to remove heavy metals and water systems for residential communities or commercial businesses.

Alcorn Pump is ready to customize some of the finest water filtration systems for you, making it easy to guarantee that you will be able to experience clean water for your entire family throughout your home.

If you want to read more about the benefits of whole home water filtration, find that here:

Alcorn Pump & Water Filtration is family-run, family-centered, and excited to serve Prescott, Arizona and the surrounding area. Explore the rest of our website to see all of the services we offer, and reach out to us if you have any questions or want more information about getting started today!

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