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Well Inspections for Realtors

See the photos below for a close-up of some of the components we test during a well inspection.
If you are representing a buyer or seller on a home with a private well, community well, or water sources other than the city water, it is important to know the following: 


  • Different types of home loans can require different types of water testing and well testing. Some may or may not require a well inspection. (VA loans may have different requirements). 

  • There may be different requirements for water testing for potability. Even if not required, we recommend having the water tested for safety. Bacteria, Arsenic, Nitrates, and Lead are the most common water tests requested. (Visit this link to see what type of water testing you may need or want.)

  • We offer free mineral testing during our well inspections.

  • Water samples can take 7-10 business days (sometimes longer) to receive back from the lab. This should be scheduled in advance. Expedited samples may be available at additional cost and can be received back from the lab between 3-5 business days. 

  • If a water sample comes back as failing from the lab, the source will need to be addressed, and a new sample will be sent to the lab. This could take a couple more weeks, depending on the problem. 

  • A proper well inspection should always be conducted by an experienced water well company. A home inspection does not include this and can, at times, give misleading information. 

  • Ensure you use a licensed pump company for well inspections to ensure the correct information and recommendations on the pumping system are listed. This protects the buyer, the seller, and the agent.

  • If the buyer wants a well inspection, we will need permission from the seller to be on-site to inspect the well system.

  • Our well inspection includes a flow test of the well pump. This is a test of what the well pump is producing at the time of the well inspection. (This is not a Well Production test; this can be added on if requested when scheduling). 

  • Well Inspections should be thorough and complete, similar to a home inspection but for the water system and filtration system. Our inspections take between 1.5-3 hours depending on the type of system that we are inspecting, and the add-ons that are requested. We inspect all equipment that we have access to and record the data and quality of the system as a whole. We look for safety concerns, making sure all electrical is up to the NEC standards. We take pictures and record all data received during the inspection in a 7–10-page PDF report that is included and lists any seen recommendations. If repairs are needed, we can offer an estimate if requested.

  • We offer fast scheduling and Rushed Well Inspections with a 24-hour report turn around as needed for those that have limited time. 

We need the following information from YOU (the realtor) before a well inspection: 

  • Name and contact info for who is paying for the well inspection and how payment will be made. (Onsite with check, cash, card) or via email with a card (a 3% charge on all card payments may apply). 

  • Email address to send the Inspection Report and Water Samples to. 

  • If you are representing the buyers or the sellers of the property. 

  • Name to be listed on the Inspection Report and Water Samples. 

  • How will Alcorn Pump gain access to the well pump equipment and inside the home to check water pressure/take water samples? 

  • Who will be meeting Alcorn Pump onsite? If no one will be meeting us "on-site" that’s ok, we just need approval to conduct an inspection and be onsite prior to the service and know how we will gain access.

  • Who should Alcorn Pump call when on the way?

  • Is the home occupied or vacant at this time? This is important if the water has to be shut off at any point during the inspection. 

  • Is this a single-family well or a community water system? How many homes are hooked up to the water well if known?  

  • Is there good access to a wellhead and equipment? We can't inspect what we don't know or can't find. 

Want more info on our Well Inspections?
Send us a note and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.


Alcorn Pump & Water Filtration is happy to work alongside realtors like you to determine when to have a well inspection scheduled and by whom. We understand how stressful it can be working with buyers and sellers and any other parties involved.

Our hope is to make this part of your transition as smooth as we can for you and your customers. We would love to help and support you during this process.  

Ask about our Partner Pricing Program!

Once we get to know you, we want to make it worth your while to use our company so that your customers can save money and well inspections can be affordable yet still thorough!!! 

Don't let the water system be the reason that you don't sell a home that is on a water well. We're here to help! By using a water well expert, not a home inspector or plumber, you know your client will receive all the necessary, accurate information that will help them make an informed decision about a home on a water well. ​


At the bottom of this page is the information we will need when scheduling a well inspection with our company.


We have many different times and days to be as flexible as we can for you and your customer’s schedule.

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