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Well Inspections



Alcorn Pump & Filtration strongly advises any homeowner who is purchasing a home on a well that you get a certified well inspection prior to the close of the sale. Work with your realtor to get permission from the seller to conduct a full test (see below).


To properly conduct a well inspection you need to be a licenced electrician and plumber within the pump industry.  A home inspector is not qualified to assess the full pumping system, water quality and other potentially costly concerns.


Well Inspections will vary based on set up but should include:

  • Ground fault checks   

  • Checks on the full pumping system 

  • Flow rate checks on GPM

  • Check on the plumbing of the pumping system

  • Check all the electrical

  • Check to see if electrical and plumbing is safe and up to code

  • Check the age of the pumping system 

  • Check the pressure tank and or tanks

  • Look for bacteria inducing agents 

  • Check the condition of the well seal/cap

  • Look for good access to the wellhead

  • Conduct mineral water testing for Hardness, TDS, PH, Iron, manganese

  • We can also take water samples for other contaminants and take them to a certified lab for testing


If you are representing a buyer or seller on a home with a private well, community well or water sources other than the city water, it is important to know the following: 


  • Different types of home loans can require different types of water testing and well testing. Some may and or may not require a well inspection.

  • There may be different requirements for water testing. Know the specifics for your home sale and plan ahead.

  • Water samples can take up to 10-14 days (sometimes longer) to receive back from the lab.

  • If a water sample comes back failed from the lab, the source will need to be addressed and a new sample taken sent to the lab. This could take a couple more weeks, depending on the problem.

  • A proper well inspection needs to be conducted by a licensed electrician and plumber in the well industry. A home inspection does not include this.

  • Ensure you use a licensed pump company for well inspections to ensure the correct information and recommendations on the pumping system are listed. This protects both the buyer, the seller and the agent.

  • If the buyer wants a well inspection, we will need permission from the seller to be on site and inspect their well and water.

We conduct the following inspections and services:

  • Well inspections 

  • Thorough, certified reports for lenders

  • VA Loan requirements 

  • Flow rate testing for wells

  • Drawdown testing for wells for ADUs or additional building on the system

  • Required water samples for potability

  • We now offer training for agents

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