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Well Inspections for Sellers



Ready to sell your home with a well? Before getting a Certified Well Inspection, we first recommend scheduling a service call to get one of our trusted technicians onsite to service your well system. This is a small cost to set the sale of your home up for overall success. This will allow us to look for any areas of concern and allow you as the seller time to get the water system buttoned up before listing the home for sale. 

Our well inspections can provide your buyer with the peace of mind needed to purchase a home. By submitting a well inspection and water samples, it shows that you are serious about selling your home, not to mention the water system won’t be an area of concern when closing. 

To properly conduct a well inspection we recommend you hire a water well contractor who specializes in pumping equipment. Most of the time, a home inspector is not qualified to assess the full pumping system, water quality, and other potentially costly concerns.

Well Inspections will vary based on setup but should include:

  • Thorough check of the full water system and water filtration system, including but not limited to: Checks on the well pump(s), booster pump(s), controllers and components, pressure tank(s), storage system, wellhead condition, and more.

  • Check and documentation of the condition of the plumbing and electrical, including any safety concerns.

  • Flow rate test on "Gallons Per Minute" (GPM) of the well pump. (This is not a Well Production Test; this can be added on if requested when scheduling.)

  • Check for any bacteria-inducing agents. 

  • Free onsite mineral water testing for Hardness, PH, Iron, and TDS. 

  • Test/check any current filtration.

  • Documentation of all findings, including a list of recommendations in a certified report including photos. 

  • Potability testing is an additional service that may be provided at the time of a well inspection. Water samples are taken to a certified lab for testing of bacteria, arsenic, nitrates, and lead. 

Well Inspections should be thorough and complete, similar to a home inspection but for the water and filtration system. Our inspections take between 2-3 hours depending on the type of system that we are inspecting and the add-ons that are requested. 

We inspect all equipment that we have access to and record the data and quality of the system as a whole. We look for safety concerns making sure all electrical is up to the NEC standards. We take pictures and record all data received during the inspection in a 7–10-page PDF report that is included and lists any seen recommendations. If repairs are needed we can offer an estimate.


We offer fast scheduling and Rushed Well Inspections. (If you are in need of an inspection and have limited time ask for a Rushed Well Inspection with a 24-hour report turnaround time.)

See the photos below for a close-up of some of the components we test during a well inspection.

Want more info on our Well Inspections?
Send us a note and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.

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